How do you know when Bigfoot is present?

How do you know if Bigfoot is in your vicinity? Check out the following traits of Bigfoot behavior presented by my good friend GumShoe. Who is a Bigfoot  researcher and witness. Thank you for your insight.


1. General “feeling” of uneasiness, fear or anxiousness, feeling of being watched while in the area.
2. Foul odor, resembling sewerage, rotting meat, sickening sweet and rancid.
3. Noises, unusual bird, or other unidentifiable noises, vocalizations which sound human but cannot be
understood, whistles, hearing footsteps as if being followed, small sticks breaking, large sticks striking trees, rocks being hit together, tapping, rapid movement in trees, brush, etc., but cannot see what is creating the movement.
4. Actions and reactions of people, if any, in the area. Fear, confusion, relating unexplained occurrences
5. Actions and reactions of animals in the area, fear, flight, agitation, disobedience, distraction, etc.
– (many dogs in the same area will bark without stopping throughout the night) cats, horses, cattle, deer, birds, show signs of distress, insects and frogs at night may become quiet for no apparent reason.
6. Disturbance or changes in foliage or ground, breakage of limbs or tree tops, trees and brush moved to
block trails, pulled down from different directions in what appears to be a “shelter” or “windbreak” woven patterns in sticks and trees, sometimes resembling “fences” gouge marks in the dirt or footprints. Misc. items or moved or missing in area. Missing animals, wild and domestic. These are some of the
most obvious things I would attribute to a Bigfoot creature being in a particular area. These are the things most easily recognized.
Numbers, 1 through 6 above are absent.
There is a STARK contrast between these two situations, although BOTH sets of circumstances occur in the SAME area. A pattern emerges where these things are occurring (not occurring) at differing, specific times of the year. Note: If there have been obvious signs of disturbance of trees or foliage, this stops and the area does not continue to change as a result. The first time I noticed this pattern I was really unsettled. It seemed the forest had become “empty” overnight. I spent hours in the woods each day, trying to figure out what had happened, why it was so quiet. I’d have to say, if you experience all 1 through 6 simultaneously, then suddenly it ALL STOPS, it’s pretty easy to determine that the Bigfoot creatures have left the area. In reverse, when these things begin occurring again, it’s obvious that they have returned. Carene Source: Western Bigfoot Society, March, 2001 Track Record# 105
Source: Carene, Western Bigfoot Society, March, 2001 Track Record# 105


Bigfoot living in Detroit?

Here is an interesting story by ” Gum Shoe Guy”. Gum Shoe has collected hundreds of stories, and sightings just in our state of Michigan.

Michigan Bigfoot Report and Data: Gumshoguy’s Corner
Hard to imagine but Bigfoot Sasquatches live and thrive on the peripheral fringes of inner cities and suburb cities”~ Gumshoguy
2014 February 15, Southwest Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan
DETROIT (Cryptozoology News) — A family claim they saw a strange ape-like creature Thursday afternoon coming out of the window of an abandoned house on the outskirts of the desolate city. C. Brown, his wife, and their two children said they were “driving around, looking to buy a new house”, when they allegedly witnessed the unidentified beast. “The economy has been devastating here man,” Brown explained. “One day, you are living in this beautiful city with over a million and a half working people, next day all you know is all is gone…crime has gone up and life has become almost impossible to deal with here. I am one of the lucky ones still with a job.” Detroit’s economy has seen a decline in the recent decades. What used to be the city of the automobile industry and prosperity has now become a crime-ridden place with the potential to become a war zone. Likewise, the once wealthy house lots are currently nothing but a sanctuary for homeless people struggling to live another day. “All the houses and people we used to know are long gone. Our neighborhood is not a safe place for our children anymore. So we decided to go look for a new place,” the man said. His wife shares the same feelings about the city. “Ain’t no place for us to live here. What for? People get shot for nothing in here. So we got in the car and went looking for a good house to move to,” she told Cryptozoology News. Reportedly, after driving for three hours and not able to find a house meeting the family standards, they decided it was time to return home. “I saw that thing right through the window of an abandoned house. I was shocked. I told my husband cause he was driving and couldn’t see it.” They described the house as a two story blue building with broken windows. Then, they said, Brown decided to “slow down to get a better look”. “Hell, we were curious about it. I mean, you know, we were aware that we ain’t in no safe neighborhood, but we didn’t get out of the car or nothing. We see this hairy arm reaching out the window. I say what the hell, he gonna get cut that dude with the broken glass, man. Then a whole body coming out the window, looked like a monkey, only big damn monkey with a stick on the hand. Maybe about 7-ft tall. It had short, reddish hair. But hold on, the face was human looking, as crazy as it sounds. My wife kept telling me to drive away, so we did. I got to see the animal’s eyes and all, big and dark, with a huge head, like a triangle shape, kinda, know what I mean? Started hitting the ground with the branch or the stick or whatever it was holding. Kind of reminded me of what squirrels do with their legs when you approach them. But this was no damn squirrel,” Brown claimed. A few moments later, as the Browns left the blue house behind, the animal supposedly walked through the bushes and disappeared. “I could see it on the mirror, he kept hitting the ground with the stick and then he walked away and couldn’t see him anymore. The kids were screaming in the backseat like crazy and my wife was trying to calm them down, man. It went on for 30 seconds or so,” the father said. “The lack of urban expansion in the city due to a poor economy could mean that some species have found their way back into their old habitat. It is also possible that the lots of empty houses could work as an incentive for wild animals seeking shelter. As a result, these witnesses could easily misidentify the native species of the area,” said Lorenzo Martinez, animal behaviorist and teacher at a Spanish university. “No no, that was not a dog or a bear. That was either some sick man dressed up for fun or a freaking monkey with a man’s face, like a Bigfoot. Whatever you wanna believe, up to you. That’s all I have to say,” said Brown. Source: By Michael Bachman February 15th, 2014
DETROIT (Cryptozoology News) — A family claim they saw a strange ape-like creature Thursday afternoon coming out of the window of an abandoned house on the outskirts of the desolate city.

Early Native American Lore

This post was kindly sent into me by a gentleman named Thomas Phelps, who has a back ground in history. I appreciate his contribution.



A book by Andrew Blackbird titled, History of the Ottawa and Chippewa Indians of Michigan (first published in 1887, but available on Scribd), has a legend story in Chapter 3 of the “earliest possible history” of Mackinaw Island and its inhabitants. As the story goes, the Ottawa (Odawa) came upon the island already occupied by a small band of Indians, who in turn consolidated with the Ottawa. A subsequent fight with Seneca (Iroquois) left only two ‘Ottawa’ survivors, a man and a woman, who escaped into the deepest wild and raised children, shunning civilization. It is believed:

“That is, they can be seen and unseen just as they see fit to be; and sometimes they simply manifest themselves as being present by throwing a club or a stone at a person walking in solitude, or by striking a dog belonging to the person walking; and sometimes by throwing a club at the lodge, night and day, or hearing their footsteps walking around the wigwam when the Indians would be camping out in an unsettled part of the country, and the dogs would bark, just as they would at any strange person approaching the door. And sometimes they would be tracked on snow by hunters, and if followed on their track, however recently passed, they could never be overtaken. Sometimes when an Indian would be hunting or walking in solitude, he would suddenly be seized with an unearthly fright, terribly awe stricken, apprehending some great evil. He feels very peculiar sensation from head to foot–the hair on his head stand and feeling like stiff porcupine quill. He feels benumbed with fright, and yet does not know what it is; and looking in every direction to see something, but nothing to be seen which might cause sensation of terror.”

The Ottawa call it “Paw-gwa-tchaw-nish-nah-boy,” or “wild roaming supernatural being.” This story caught my attention for the description contained within, which happens to be very similar to reports of Sasquatch behaviors experienced during encounters. I have never seen Blackbird’s accounting of Ottawa legend mentioned as a possible historical Sasquatch tale, but I think by the description it should be included.

Bigfoot encounter in Washtenaw County { 2004}

Washtenaw Co 20 Nov 2004 – Ape-Like Creature Seen Crossing Trail; Gray Female Observed
From: R W
While listening to the [police band] radio today, the DNR received a report from two people inside the Waterloo State Recreation area of large 7′ tall, ape-like creature with dark brown fur crossing a trail near Cassidy Lake. The creature was carrying a freshly killed deer under it’s arm according to the two eyewitnesses who saw it cross 25 feet in front of them and apparently they wasted NO time in leaving the area in fear.
From what I remember, they were close to or within 1.5 miles of Cassidy Lake, “on a trail that has a bend on it.” I suspect that they were near or closer to Green Lake in the south side of that area.
Interestingly, one of the DNR officers mentioned that he was wondering if it was the same creature that he spotted last month on the west side of Welch Lake Rd near Seymour Rd [about 7 miles west of the above sighting, which is 5 miles west into Jackson Co. from the Washtenaw Co. border]. He [the other officer] said no, that creature was dark gray in color and clearly a female with breasts from what he could see through his binoculars, but he was only able to observe it for 45 seconds before it moved back into the woods out of sight. Apparently, they must have had an anti-poaching sting going on, or looking for hunters in an area that is off limits to hunting and the creature was observed very nicely from a distance with high-powered binoculars by the DNR officer.
Moreover, he mentioned that the Sheriff’s Dept., had a report nearby north of Chelsea, where a hunter found a large buck with its head tore (twisted?) off, and it’s insides torn out. The hunter had a very weird feeling that he was being watched and heard some large branches snap, he left the area and called the police.
Both of the DNR officers concluded that it was probably the Sasquatch in the area that was responsible. However, if anyone asks him what is he is doing out in the woods with a camera or collecting any evidence, [one of the DNR officers said he would] just tell them that he is looking for signs of poachers. One thing the DNR mentioned, was that no hunter in their right mind would have turned down such a prize buck like the one found north of Chelsea, which was easily a 12 pointer. Apparently, the head was ripped off the body and thrown several yards away, and the poor thing looked like it was beat to death, then had it’s insides cut open and emptied out. However, they did not mention anything about the liver being missing.
I really think that the DNR investigates Sasquatch sightings, but they don’t divulge this to the general public. I mean how would it look if the DNR was out in the woods and they were asking the public if they saw Bigfoot walk through the area lately? However, I have heard three DNR officers say they have actually seen one of these creatures while out in the field, and they have no doubt about it being a reality.
After hearing this today, and all the other reports of dead deer found in the woods across northern Washtenaw County, especially from Whitmore Lake west possibly into Jackson County, leads me to believe that there is a family of Bigfoot creatures in that area. Moreover, I think as the deer herds move this time of the year, so do the Bigfoot creatures following them.
= = == = === = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Bigfoot in Detroit Michigan suburb

2016 March 20, 12:30P Westland, Wayne County, Michigan

Story provided by a former Michigan state policeman and private investigator.

On March 20, 2016 Mother and son observed two Bigfoots. This occurred while they were walking around on a high bank near a river-creek ravine complete with thickets and partially wooded areas when they heard some men partying loudly but unable to see them. As she focused on the direction of the voices her attention was drawn to a creature in a ravine down below on the opposite creek bank. It was standing with its back to the witness and noticed this creature was swaying back and forth leading the witness to believe it was listening to the men some distance away. She described the color as being reddish brown and stood approximately 9 feet tall judging the height of a branch it was standing next to. The witness says her son was standing a short distance from her and she called out to him to leave. In addition to this information she also mentioned she observed a large tubular shaped pile of waste at the time and used that a reference to the exact point where the Sasquatch was standing. Investigators went to site in October and located remnants of suspected BF poop but it was too decayed to take a specimen sample. After learning a little more on Saturday from the son, I think the big picture is that 2 BF’s were traveling upstream (east) in the river valley and their progress was stopped by encountering 2 men some distance ahead of them. The large reddish brown BF in the lead stopped and waited quite a while (10 Min?) for the men to move on, but they stayed. Witness was watching the lead BF from up on the high ground, the son was about 20 or 30 yards east of her and saw the (apparently) smaller black one, which was east (downstream) from the lead BF. Neither witness seem to know by what route the 2 BF’s left the immediate area of the sighting or became hidden view. Source: Michigan Bigfoot Research Group

Possible Bigfoot sighting at the Waterloo game area

The following picture was taken several years ago by a gentleman whom we will refer to as ” Gum Shoe”, he is a former law enforcement officer who wishes to remain nameless. He and another Bigfoot investigator Bob, were out in the Waterloo- Pinkney State game area examining what they thought might be a possible Bigfoot bed. Bob was on the ground examining the bedding, while Gum Shoe was taking pictures in the area. Gum Shoe did not realize until later while going back through his pictures did he see what looks like a dark figure looking back at him. A little unnerving thinking back to that day that that they were being observed. The figure was about 50 yards from the photographer at the time. In addition Gum Shoe relates that while this was going on he was feeling agitated, which could be the result of possibly being zapped.

I know this is another grainy, fuzzy picture but is still interesting. You be the judge.

Bigfoot in Menominee county Michigan 2012

Craig Sulk says it all started with a series of three photographs taken on one of the trail cameras on his 80 acres of property in Menominee County, Michigan in May 2012.
“To us it was pretty obvious it was something way out of the ordinary,” he told Local 5.
Craig was flipping through photos on the computer when he noticed the anomaly and showed his wife, Barb.
“And he said, ‘look at this,’” Barb remembers, “and I don’t recall who said it, but they said it’s a bigfoot and we were like, ‘get out of here.’”
Over the years and after gaining further evidence, like seeing glowing red eyes at night, trees being knocked over, and strange sounds at night, that initial skepticism has grown into a belief in bigfoot.
“Once you get the picture and know these things are real, then you start looking at other things that are happening around you and after a while, you just know that certain things that have happened, there’s no other explanation than a bigfoot did it,” Craig said.
The first three trail camera photos lead to an appearance on Animal Planet’s “Finding Bigfoot” in 2014, which in turn lead to the national spotlight landing on the Sulk property.
Craig says he named the bigfoot “Hyden” because “he’s always hidden,” and together with Barb, opened “The Hyden Adventure,” to give visitors a chance to see the evidence for themselves.
“We want people to be able to come and experience and listen and learn,” Barb said.
According to the Sulks, a lot of their guests come with their own bigfoot experiences and beliefs.
“A lot of people who come here really have nowhere to go and talk about what they’ve experienced,” Craig explained, “and they come here and it gives them a place to not be ridiculed.”
Another opportunity for bigfoot believers to come together is the Third annual Marinette/Menominee Bigfoot Convention, which will take place on June 8, 2019, and will feature several nationally known speakers.
Craig says that although he and Barb have never seen a bigfoot, they do not doubt the creature’s existence.
“We’ve had enough circumstantial evidence to know that they exist,” he said. “They’re very elusive because, in my opinion, they don’t want to be seen.”
Gathering that circumstantial evidence, Barb says, is an experience in and of itself.
“Finding all the evidence, and listening and hearing them, and the footprint, it’s just something that a lot of people that do believe don’t get to experience,” she said. “There’s a lot of unknowns out there. I think once they (visitors) leave here, they’re thinking about it, ‘are they real?’”
To learn more about The Hyden Adventure, click here.
To learn more about the Third annual Marinette/Menominee Bigfoot Convention, click here.
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Foley swamp Bigfoot, Oscoda county

Foley Swamp, Oscoda County, Michigan

1990 – © Chicago Tribune wires.
Dateline: Bay City Michigan


The legendary Bigfoot is back, say deer hunters emerging from Foley Swamp in Oscoda County. Reported sightings of an 8-foot hairy creature trickled in to authorities and nearby business owners before the Oct. 1 season began.

But the hikers and hunters offer little proof other than their eyewitness accounts.

“I’ve never had any experiences with it, but it’s obvious that something is going on up here,” said Jane Stone, who with her husband owns the Bear Paw Cabins and The Little Sport Shop in Lucerne near the swamp.

“I just don’t know what it is,” she said.
“I have an open mind to it.”

On Sept. 28, two hikers told the Oscoda County Sheriff’s Department they spotted a tall, hairy creature in Foley Swamp in Huron National Forest. Art Kapa of Mayville, a Bigfoot investigator for 21 years, said he gets annual reports of sightings in Lucerne, Mio and Lewiston.

“The area is full of swamp, valleys and excellent hiding places,” Kapa said by telephone from his home Monday. Kapa insists that there are several such creatures. “There has to be more than one,” Kapa said. “But we’re not talking about a tremendous population where you see one whenever you turn a corner.”

Source: Kyle Mizokami, Tuesday, October 30, 1990